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Do you teach people to fly?

No, we are a club for qualified pilots only. The local school (Paramania) is currently not operating. We recommend that you contact Beyond Extreme or the Mid Wales Paragliding Centre if you would like to learn.

Can I fly your sites without joining?

No. Our sites are strictly members only. However:

Are you a member of the Welsh Free Flight Federation?

No, for historical reasons we're not. This means that we don't get free access to WFFF sites, nor do WFFF members get free access to ours.

Can I fly other hills in the area?

No. All the flyable hills in the area are known to us. If they are not listed as sites it is either because the site is either under negotiation or lost. Relationships with some landowners are extremely sensitive. so if you fly any other hills you jepordise all flying in the area. Please do not do it.

What are the historical reasons for being members only, not a WFFF member, etc.?

All our sites are registered to the club by an arangement with Paramania. The club was initially set up to provide flying and post-CP support for Paramania students. The school negotiated with landowners and the commercial nature of the school meant that careful agreements were required.

Although the school is not currently operaitng, it still exists and its sites are one of its' major assets. Use of the sites by WBPC is under an exclusive arrangement with Paramania.

What is Fforest Fields really called?

This site has numerous names:

Please send me the username and password to access the members-only part of the site.

Sorry, we don't do that. You should have received this with your membership card, etc. when you joined/renewed your membership. If you have lost it, please contact the membership secretary Jan Jeffcoate (01249 782798, membership@flywelshborder.org.uk) to obtain it. Note that the webmaster cannot give you the username/password because he does not have an up-to-date list of members.

Please post my advert on your site.

Sorry, we don't do that. This site doesn't get enough traffic to justify the effort required to maintain such a page.

If you're advertising paragliding courses, fly-guiding, or holidays then consider posting your advert to the EuroPG email list and/or putting an advert in Skywings.

If you've got gear to sell then post your advert on EuroPG, Skyads, Skybuyer, and/or Skywings.

My question isn't answered here...

Please telephone or email the club contact, Will Barstow (Tel 01982 570736 mob 07870 613444, contact@flywelshborders.org.uk), who will be happy to help.

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